The Beast​ ​

The first wakeup call wasn’t enough. The discotheque of rainbows continued to light the once calm, serene, black womb. Depths faded Tranquility raged   Her child seemed to have brought Her worst nightmares   His company More lights of different shapes And colors Roamed the amplitude of the once Deep dark and fertile womb   […]

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The fruits of an obsidian slap, a rippling nudge. Meant only to tell her son that he was indeed in her arms. That he was not alone. Little did she know. To him she was anything but a mother, anything but comforting, anything but safe. She was the complete opposite from him and not in […]

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The First Self

The first, Born into bottomless blackness, Was the microscopic dot of light. Who, at first chance, Roamed incessantly into desolation for having never found an intact vision, complete of itself. After having lost his self, an obsidian slap From a motherly, tender hand carried the intention of awareness of love, of care.   Opposite of […]

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Absu: The Black Mother of Light

Absu. The vanishing invisible horizon, where the ocean meets the night sky. The undiscernible depths of space, Of the ocean, of the atom. The blackness that resides in all things, the first container, and its vast vacuous content. Before the big bang ever dreamed there was the vast abyss, there is the vast abyss, the […]

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