The Abyss Oms

The Abyss. The Abyss oms the Abyss. The Abyss oms the Abyss the Abyss Oms.

The Abyss is nothingness. It does not act. The Abyss does not verb.
The Abyss oms all. All is nothingness. Nothingness does not work.

It does not make. It does not harm. It does not shed light. It does not see. It does not judge. But it does night. The night sky mother.

No death. No time. No error. But the Void. Only the Void.

There goes the night. The mother of dark skies. But there resides the desire to love.

Thus, out of the desire to love, the egg of lights.

And this egg bears the Sun, the first light.

The Abyss loves the Sun, who does not love the night.

The Sun is not able to see his mother, the Abyss, the night.

The Sun. The Sun. The Sun. The Sun. The light is in the night for the Sun is in the Abyss.

The Sun is in the Abyss. The Sun sees but only himself. The Sun sees but only light not the night.

The abyss does not like the light but loves the Sun who cannot see the Abyss.

The Sun doubts itself for the Sun is the first self. The sun doubts and despairs.

The Sun desires to love for the Sun is able to love. The Sun desires light for it can only see itself.

Because the Sun is only able to see light and itself, the Abyss becomes angry and trembles causing water to splash on the Sun.

The Abyss loves the Sun but overtaken by ire, she quakes the depths causing the waters to touch the Sun.

When the Sun was touched by the waters from the depths a light was born which allowed for the light of water to be.

After the second light came to be,
the light of fire and light of air followed and those were the three first lights to come from the Sun.

But after the four strong lights came forth there came a fifth light, the light of earth.

The lights lit all things where there was nothing.

The lights ate the night and the nothingness, the Abyss drowned in madness.

Chaos in all, the night sky and the Abyss did not love chaos, once more it shook.

The night waters from the depths gave birth to the Great Beast, born out of wrath.

The Great Beast is the weapon of the Abyss [against] all the lights and the Sun.

And thus came to be the Great Beast devouring all of the lights, which turned into all things.

At the time the Beast ate all the lights, the god of Time was born together with all physical things followed by goddess Physics.

The Abyss quickly returned into night but within the Beast all things were being born.

Goddess Physics inside the great Beast bore into being the first earth
and plants.

Secondly, goddess Physics bore the god of Beasts and all animals into existence.

Thirdly [and lastly] goddess Physics bore the god of Humans and he made the people.


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