The flying warrior who pierced the belly of the Beast to transcend the realm of form and matter with the purpose of retrieving divine wisdom, bringing it back, decoded to humans. Amadeadon has as its point of departure the human intellect, which launches him straight to the realms outside the confines of the Great Beast, Sirustu. Amadeadon, much like Thoth of the Egyptians, Hermes of the Greeks and Exu (Legba) of the Yoruba tradition, is the gateway and gatekeeper of the gods. He is the bridge between Humans and the other realms of existence. As the messenger of the gods Amadeadon reins the practices of divination and any other attempts to communicate with other dimensions. Amadeadon opens the gates for other influences to come through and also makes sure that all goes well during the exchange. Due to the trickster quality of this entity it is always advisable to invoke the three protectors and, of course, your own personal guides while participating in any magical endeavor. That being said, Amadeadon is an ultimately benevolent entity whose decisive goal is the betterment and happiness of all living beings through freedom from form and matter.

Amadeadon is the child of On the god of humankind and their makings with Isra, the mother of all living things. He was born out of the love to communicate not only with beyond but also other minds. He governs the exchange of ideas their trajectories and histories.


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