It seems that most of what we interact with is mediated through the brain. Socialization, a process which molds perception, appears to be the main key in formatting this enigmatic organ. Myths are in turn pivotal in the process of socialization. New Myths New Gods is a critical thought experiment on creation myths, mythologies, their effects on language and ultimately, our perception of reality.

Inspired by ancient cosmological texts, contemporary art, Nietzsche, Ursula K. Le Guin, and a few others, these writings constitute the surfacing of a life long project and dream.

Ever since I was 10 years old I started dreaming and writing down fantastical stories of gods and beasts. These stories would play out like movies in my mind keeping me awake every night. This blog is one of the initial steps towards completing this work.

The plan is to have this published by next year. I am currently in search of a publishing house with which to create a partnership.

Thanks for reading,

Victor FM Torres, MFA



Victor FM Torres is a interdisciplinary artist, writer, and organizer living in Baltimore, MD. Torres is visiting Faculty at Stevenson University. He’s author of “Language Writes Myth Writes Reality.” victorfmtorres.com