The Lights

The fruits of an obsidian slap, a rippling nudge.

Meant only to tell her son that he was indeed in

her arms. That he was not alone.

Little did she know.

To him she was anything but a mother, anything but

comforting, anything but safe.

She was the complete opposite from him and

not in an eternity would he ever recognize her.

So thus came the obsidian sharp rippling slap from that dark

motherly hand.

It indeed stopped the incessant roaming.

It also instead for comfort

brought more doubt.

Instead for company

Brought more fear.

And with it a drop.

From the bottomless gloomy ocean

In the depths of Absu



The first rainbow

Lighting up all existence

Which then was nothing but

the abyss


the first flash of light

a tender blue watery light


immediately followed by

a warm fiery orange light


instantaneously yielding

a cool and sharp ever so expanding airy light


followed by a rapid burst

of a dim more physical light


the blackness became rainbow

stroboscopic chaos ensued


finally the first self could see

finally the first self felt safe

finally there was light in the dark


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