On Gods and Myths Never Heard Before

It’s really a play on words. And polarities.

These following “myths” take polarities in contemporary vernacular and scrambles them up by making you question why we’ve attributed specific fear and/or joy to any given concept.  The “beast” becomes a symbol for keeping the universal equilibrium which is created by the abyss called the “mother of darkness” which is also understood the “mother of all things.” The “first self” is a panicking Sun that can’t see anything in his mother’s cold and dark womb and the stories go on…

The situation where the reader can observe their own associations of words by simultaneously learning of how different the same words might mean in other cultures creates a sense of wonder that compels me to follow it. I am constantly trying to find where this dissonance of meaning lives by attempting to reproduce these social gems through any available means.

The word On has a different context here. On is the name of a never before heard culture that created these myths about their gods. On, also happens to be the name for their god of language…

Anyway, I am far from done.

Hope you enjoy.



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